Thursday, October 22, 2009


Splinter/ Fuse is ArtCenter/South Florida’s annual exhibition of newly juried artists. This exhibition will feature the work of: J. Kevin Foltz, Jules Lusson, Hugo Moro, Tere Pastoriza, Franklin Sinanan and Robert Wilson. The works will examine transition and metamorphosis. All the participants are using figurative narratives to create imagery that suggests the causes and process of change. The title of this show is meant to mimic this process; developing a scrutiny of adaptation whether it be personal, physical, structural, or social.

Examples of this can be seen in Robert Wilson’s fragmented antique top hat. This image harkens back to a time of fastidious dress and social protocol splintered it becomes constricted and abstracted by the grid’s modernist framework. Hugo Moro’s investigations of the changes and repetitions in the architecture of our own ArtCenter complex brings forth the historic curve of the banister in our 810 Lincoln Road building into the newer space of the gallery’s soffit structure echoing a connection between the old and the new. Franklin Sinanan’s literal interpretation of change is shown in expressionist representations of one’s appearance, ranging from dependency and abuse to enlightenment. Tere Pastoriza creates delicate drawings that mimic the feminine mystique. The changing figures are familiar yet strange floating in white space. Jules Lusson uses ferries and jellyfish to represent life and death. Her symbols ebb and flow like a dance between those two worlds. Lastly Kevin Foltz’s use of text, color and collage deconstruct the sacred image of the Buddha, a moniker of transition, harkening to a sense of something both old and new. All artists have used this relationship of a transitional narrative as motivation, looking toward their own themes and surroundings as contributing causes for transformation.